Chris Lindley

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

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We started our cleaning business in Rochdale over 22 years ago cleaning and valeting cars. People were so pleased with our valeting service they started to invite us to clean their carpets in their homes, and this eventually became our main business when we relocated to Lymm over 19 years ago. Due to a traffic accident we no longer valet vehicles because Chris injured his neck which made the valeting no longer

possible. Our business is a family run affair and recently we have had my

Brother in law join our ranks, he also has a cleaning and joinery background

and we are pleased to welcome Andrew on board and we are sure he is going

to be a real asset.

We started our business after what had seemed a life time working as civil

servants. In the last 19 years as our business has grown so has our family

and recently we became proud grandparents again for the third time. You

maybe wondering why we are telling you all this, well there are lots of

cleaning firms our there and when you call you don’t know who you’re

speaking too or what there roles are. We feel when you are inviting people

to come into your business or home you need to feel safe, you want to know

who you are dealing with and what there background is. Many companies

these days pay fortunes for great advertising but you don’t know who your

actually dealing with. That’s why we are all CRB checked and we like to share

stories with you about our family so you can really get to know, and trust us.

These are just some of the places we have worked at:


And NO . . . . .  We don’t name names!!!!

So, if like us, you have dogs, horses, rabbits, kids, teenagers, grand kids, wine drinkers, and a business etc., then you will at sometime in the future have need of our services. Since starting our business we have been fortunate to meet some wonderful people who have really inspired and amazed us, some of whom have become long standing friends. We feel honoured that 95% of our work comes from referrals, which is why we have only just got around to putting this web site up (we’re trying to move with the times!!!!).

We offer all prospective clients a

free, no-obligation quotation and if

you’re already a client of ours then

we would like to thank you for your

business, your referrals and making

our business what it is.

Without you we are nothing.